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Though the officials controlling the directed energy weapons in India are refusing to provide any information publicly falsely claiming national security, it is relatively easy for an experienced engineer who has been attacked almost daily for more than8 years to reverse engineer the cause of the pain and the equipment used for the directed energy weapons attack.

The cruel cowardly officials who control these very expensive weapons in India have been repeatedly misusing these weapons to attack a harmless innocent civilian and engineer out of hatred, jealousy and greed. These officials are particularly motivated to torture the harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor alone, relocating the weapons depending on which area she is spending a lot of time,

The brilliant engineer who got some of the best grades in her class in microwaves in the top engineering college where she studied believes that her cruel cowardly fraud classmates and their cheater associates working in technical intelligence and security agencies have been relentlessly tracking and attacking her to destroy her memory, health and finances to cover up their resume theft, sex, cheating for government job fraud.It also ensured that the computer work fraud was not exposed for the last ten years
A trained engineer can figure out whether the pain in her body is due to internal or external manmade sources like the invisible directed energy weapons which have a limited range and can be switched off. The cruel cowardly officials who are attacking her daily, are forcing her to put all the information she has online, in a desperate attempt to end the human rights abuses, great pain she suffers daily. Pain which is internal to the body does not appear and disappear suddenly , external sources are the main cause of the great pain. After some research it appears that indian intelligence agencies are using the indian version of Raytheon pain gun or active denial system, or silent guardian protection system, However they are in denial refusing to acknowledge the fact that these weapons are being misused to torture, knowing that it will be difficult to get proof and doctors in India can be easily influenced not to help the victims. .
A cancer patient will become an expert on cancer over a period of time, similar a victim of human rights abuses using directed energy weapons for years, will have a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge of the pain and health problems caused due to the invisible high power radiation weapons, pain gun, which the american and western media has covered extensively, which the indian media refuses to cover. Though the weapon manufacturers claim that there are no side effects, the daily mail correspondent who tested these weapons experienced a tingling in the area of his body which was exposed. In general depending on the period for which the victim has been exposed, the pain and other effects will vary.

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