ECT(Electronic torture technique in India)

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2021 Update: In december 2020, the United states published a report which confirmed that similar weapons were used on the US diplomats posted in Cuba, China and elsewhere, due to which their health was adversely affected, and some were prematurely retired from government service.,
Though the domain investor, single woman engineer legally owning this website is not allowed to get any paid work in India since 2010, to force her to agree to identity theft, she remains a trained engineer, who had some of the best grades in microwave and communication technologies in india's top rated engineering college, so she has a fairly good understanding of the technology which was used on her by her jealous btech 1993 ee classmates like j srinivasan, puneet who are working in indian intelligence, security agencies, HATE her and have done everything to destroy her life.
Tax payer money wasted to commit human rights abuses on innocent harmless non-goan bhandari single woman woman engineer in India using hitech radiation weapons after stealing her retirement savings, correspondence and resume without a court order. How sex starved top officials in India have wasted a huge amount of tax payer money to satisfy their lust for sex bribe givers and cheaters, get government jobs for their lazy greedy mediocre relatives, friends and remain unpunished

The true story of the daily human rights abuses using hitech invisible radiation or directed energy weapons which cause great pain
The real life story of how tax payer is wasted daily to cause great pain, destroy the health and finances of brilliant non-goan bhandari, dalit and non brahmin engineers, professional, especially those in the IT and internet sector.Atrocities faced by single women obc professionals, small business owners in India, the lonely quest to get justice in a country which is lacking scientific temper
Directed Energy Weapons in India
Different types of Directed Energy Weapons in India
Source of information
Proof of radiation weapon attack
Human rights abuses
Denial of existence of directed energy weapons
Damage caused by microwave radiation
Free help for citizens tortured using microwave radiation
Medical negligence how medical professionals in India are ignoring the health problems caused due to high power radiation

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Some of the content of this website was published on in June 2015, and the content has been updated in march 2016, to focus on Indian electronic torture methods, tactics Due to surveillance, monitoring using expensive government equipment, casteism, nepotism and corruption in the indian internet sector,mediocre lazy greedy women like goan call girls cheater siddhi mandrekar,bsc goan bhandari sunaina chodan, brahmin cheater shivalli brahmin bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar, goan brahmin riddhi, asmita patel, veena, ruchika have got lucrative government jobs allegedly in R&AW in the internet sector with a salary and pension, falsely claiming that they own the websites, are domain investors and online exporters, when these greedy women do not spend a single paisa online or do any work at the expense of the obc engineer and exporter. This has been posted to ensure that internet and other companies are not duped by these lazy greedy cheater women, Already Ebay, Hostgator, State Bank of India,BSNL, Iwriter, Bluestone, Flipkart, Casio, Air India, Indianpost and other brands have been allegedly duped by these officials, trying to ensure that other brands are not duped. Getting reasonable service from these brands has become extremely difficult after the fraud of shameless cruel cowardly top officials allegedly in NTRO, R&AW & CBI who allegedly falsely claim that the lazy greedy goan callgirls who sleep with them and other cheaters were their Btech 1993 electrical engineering classmate to ruthless exploit , cheat and harass the webmaster
Kindly note that R&AWCBI employees bangalore based housewife BBM nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, diploma holder known as siddhi mandrekar, obc bhandari bsc pass sunaina, goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak, veena, naina, asmita patel and others are not affiliated with this website in any way, though some extremely powerful officials are allegedly making false claims promoting these women . In case false rumours are spread about the ownership of this website please send an email to so that legal action can be taken to end the confusion permanently. Please note that resemblance to any real character will be purely coincidental