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Now after being tortured using radiation weapons for 12 years, the domain investor has a fairly good idea of the damage caused. The torture was very intense from 2010-2015 and the damage to the brain cells was very intense. Allegedly Rs 37000 monthly or quarterly was being paid to the security agencies especially in panaji, goa to stalk and torture the domain investor, to damage the brain cells

The damage to the brain cells is real, because the domain investor was not able to think clearly till 2018-19, and did not realize the extent of the financial fraud on her, why powerful government employees including her engineering classmates who never met her, HATE her,are being allowed to interfere in her life, make fake claims about her domains, savings, bank account, investment to get their real lazy greedy fraud girlfriends government jobs with fake resume, fake bank account. There is also some damage to the hearing of the domain investor

There are a large number of indian citizens who may be tortured using radiation weapons, experience great pain and do not know the cause of the pain. They often visit the doctor, spending a large amount on medicine, which often does not make any difference since the doctors may not identify the cause of the pain correctly. The doctors can usually prescribe the right medicine only if the pain is due to problems inside the body. Citizens in specific areas are more likely to be tortured, compared to people living in isolated areas. .

So citizens who are experiencing great pain and find that medical help does not solve the problem, can contact the domain investor by email at for free help. There are a large number of cost effective solutions depending on the extent of the pain.

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