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Most people will consider invisible directed energy weapons to be a piece of science fiction, yet advances in technology have made it possible to use these invisible powerful weapons to cause great pain to a person living a long distance away, while the attack will remain hidden. While the pain experienced by the victim will be very great and real, the cruel coward officials attacking the often innocent civilian remotely can remain anonymous and it will be difficult to hold him accountable. The exact specifications of these directed energy weapons which are being used in India are not known however a brilliant harmless single woman obc engineer is being used as a guinea pig for testing these weapons causing her great pain almost daily, without her permission, due to a corporate human cloning project, so she can describe the specifications of the directed energy weapons available in great detail
The adverse effect of high levels of radiation has been documented extensively, the whole human body is in a microwave oven. The directed energy weapons use high power radiation beams to attack the victim, heat and burn the cells in the human body. The pain experienced will vary depending on the frequency and power of the beam being targetted, The pain experienced by a victim attacked using directed energy weapons will be similar to a person suffering from burns or who has been exposed to extremely high temperatures. However the often innocent harmless person being attacked using directed energy weapons cannot do anything to prevent further damage or attacks because at present the indian government is denying the existence of these weapons. In some cases the victim will be attacked daily, often several times during the day.
Usually human rights abuses are associated with physical torture of a person, who has been detained or is in police custody, Even then the victim will have some rights and can complain to state or national human rights commission in India. However in case of the harmless innocent brilliant obc single woman engineer who has been ruthlessly attacked using directed energy weapons for more than 5 years, though she is in great pain daily and knows that directed energy weapons are being misused on her to cause great pain. she has not been able to get any justice or end the human rights abuses despite her best effort to do so. Complaining to the human rights commission of India and filing an RTI request has not helped, the harmless woman as the government takes advantage of the lack of scientific temper in India to cover up the high tech human rights abuses.
The regular human rights abuses are being documented at, which has made it difficult to do any work during the day or hire an office. These cruel greedy corrupt officials involved in these human rights abuses also stolen her retirement savings of twenty years of india's largest female domain investor, without a court order . It is hoped that publishing the shocking story of the human rights abuses online using invisible weapons will improve the awareness levels especially in India so that the cruel cowardly officials who attack harmless civilians with these hitech torture weapons are held accountable. .