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Kindly note that no indian government employee is associated with the website, especially goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar who commited corporate espionage , though fraud powerful intelligence, security agency officials are making completely fake claims abusing their powers, to defame the real domain investor, a harmless single woman engineer being tortured, exploited daily. Will pay for videos of officials making fake claims about domain ownership.
Most people without a technical background, especially in electrical engineering, will consider invisible directed energy weapons to be a piece of science fiction, yet advances in technology have made it possible to use these invisible powerful weapons to cause great pain to a person living a long distance away. While the pain experienced by the victim will be very great and real, almost unbearable, a form of torture, the cruel cowardly officials attacking the often innocent civilian remotely can remain anonymous and it will be difficult to hold them accountable.
The US, UK media have covered the Raytheon pain gun or Silent Guardian protection systems or Active Denial system extensively in wired, dailymail and other media outlets, the great pain experienced by those targetted by these weapons. Other countries like Russia and China have also reported that they developed these hitech torture weapons. In India the intelligence and security agencies do not appreciate honest, hardwork and merit, so in general there is a lack of scientific temper, India has no science nobel prize winner since independence and remains the largest importer of defense equipment as engineers,scientists are not valued in India
So though India claims to be a democracy, unlike China and that citizens have freedom, the officials controlling these hitech torture weapons want to keep these weapons a secret so that they can use it on whoever they feel like without being questioned or held accountable. Once the Indian government will officially admit that these hitech torture weapons are being used, citizens who are being tortured will have the right to get information on the officials who are torturing them and get legal help. At present the domain investor believes that indian citizens experiencing pain are told that the problems they face are due to mobile phone/tower radiation.
Every victim being subjected to torture, will have some rights and can complain to state or national human rights commission in India. However in case of the harmless innocent brilliant obc single woman engineer who has been ruthlessly attacked using directed energy weapons for more than 5 years, though she is in great pain daily, she has not been able to get any justice or end the human rights abuses despite her best effort to do so. Complaining to the human rights commission of India and filing an RTI request with the relevant government agencies, has not helped, the harmless woman. When a person being slapped can get justice under the indian legal system using section 323 and 324 of the indian penal code, why should a person being tortured using directed energy weapons or pain guns not get justice, when the pain experienced will be far more.
In 2016, the torture continues, which has made it difficult to do any work during the day or hire an office. These cruel greedy corrupt officials also stolen her retirement savings of twenty years without a court order to cause financial problems, so that she cannot hire the best legal aid available . It is hoped that publishing the shocking story of the human rights abuses online using invisible weapons will improve the awareness levels especially in India so that the cruel cowardly officials who attack harmless civilians are held accountable. .

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